Why would I enjoy La Bella Vita? 
Because you want to enjoy the Good Life. La Bella Vita means “The Good Life” in Italian. Italy is world famous for its cuisine, fashion, beauty, cars and of course for its amazing coffee. La Bella Vita brings you authentic Italian espresso proudly made in Italy. And all of this at a fantastic price. Go ahead and enjoy the taste of the good life. Enjoy La Bella Vita! You deserve it!

Is La Bella Vita certified kosher? 
La Bella Vita is certified kosher by a leading European kashrut certification.

Do La Bella Vita capsules work with my Nespresso machine? 
If you have an Original Line Nespresso machine - it will absolutely work!
La Bella Vita is not compatible with the Vertuoline nespresso machines.

What is unique about La Bella Vita? 
La Bella Vita offers authentic Italian espresso, small-batch roasted by master Italian coffee roasters. Our espresso is exactly what you would enjoy if you were sitting in a beautiful cafe in Italy. Because we believe that everyone should enjoy the taste of the good life, La Bella Vita is available at extremely affordable prices.

I am not familiar with Italian espresso – what does it taste like? 
Italian coffee is known for its bolder flavors. Italian roast (compared to French roast) is darker in color with a stronger presence of the beans natural oils. This roasting manner gives a stronger, fuller flavor in each cup of our delicious espresso.

Can discounts be combined? 
No, they cannot. We are committed to offering you affordable prices all the time. Our special time sensitive discounts are on top of our already affordable prices.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?
Please contact us directly at info@labellavita.com for more information and wholesale pricing.

Can I get free shipping on my order? 
Si! Yes! We’re happy to provide free shipping on all orders above $35. This total includes any promotions that may have been added.