The Undeniable Influence of Italian Coffee in the Industry

The Undeniable Influence of Italian Coffee in the Industry

Jan 11 , 2021

Sherry Davis

Italian cuisine is incredibly diverse. It is something that every native Italian has a deep reverence for, out of respect to their nation’s history and traditions. Italians are well-known for pizza, pasta, and wines, but this is not the extent of their repertoire. They also have a penchant for making great cups of coffee. 

No self-respecting coffee enthusiast goes through life without knowing about Italian coffee. It is a cultural artifact that Italians are very passionate about, and as such, it is important to get it right—to make Italian coffee the way Italians do. That said, there is more to Italian coffee than just espresso. 

Coffee in Italy’s Culture

The authentic coffee house, which has now made its way to nearly every part of the world, is actually known to have its origins in Italian culture. Long before there were Nespresso machines and Italian coffee pods, there were Italians sipping espresso on a marble counter, reading their copy of la Repubblica while a sumptuous pastry lies in wait on a plate. 

Italy has a vibrant coffee culture, but funnily enough, coffee is not grown in Italy. Coffee is native to tropical and equatorial regions, which means both the beans and the preparation had to travel a long way before reaching Italian shores. 

The Moka Pot and Coffee in Italy’s History

It was in 1933 when Alfonso Bialetti of Turin invented the moka pot. The moka pot is that familiar angular metal stovetop pot that is popular in many coffee shops and homes worldwide. It has allowed the average person to make high quality espresso at home without the need for specialized equipment. 

The term “moka pot” was inspired by the city of Mocha in Yemen, which might be confused with the coffee’s chocolate-mixed cousin. By the 1940s, millions of moka pots had been sold around the world. Italy had become well-known as an icon in the making of this delicious caffeinated drink.

Naples also became an iconic destination largely because of its status as a trading port. Large quantities of beans still pass through this place to this day, and the Neapolitan tradition of food, drink, art, literature, and music are a testament to its cementation in history as a coffee capital. 

It was in this place that the suspended coffee was born. The caffe sospeso is the charitable act of paying in advance for a cup of coffee for the next customer. This practice has now become popular not just here, but in many places around the world. 


There is no talking about the coffee legacy of Italy without talking about espresso. Though it can now be made easily at home with the help of Italian coffee pods, espresso has a long and rich history. The legacy of this fast and strong coffee lives on today, so much so that machines have been developed with the finest engineering to recreate this drink for seasoned drinkers around the world. 

Whether you prefer an espresso, doppio, ristretto, macchiato, cappuccino, or coretto matters not. There is no denying the influence Italy has had in the drinking of coffee. 

Final Thoughts 

There are so many ways to consume and prepare coffee that it can be challenging to try them all, but Italian coffee has had such a great influence in the field that it cannot be ignored. The beauty of the modern age, however, is that it has made Italian coffee available nearly anywhere in the world. 

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