Say Hello to Coffee Pods and Goodbye to Instant Coffee

Say Hello to Coffee Pods and Goodbye to Instant Coffee

Jan 18 , 2021

Sherry Davis

Countries worldwide go through millions of cups of coffee per day, making it safe to say that the majority of the world's population are coffee lovers. This is more evident now since coffee has become more accessible, and many can enjoy fantastic coffee at home. 

For many people, instant coffee is a must-have for every morning ritual. However, over the past few years, home-serve coffee machines and eco-friendly coffee pods and capsules are becoming more popular, allowing you to level up your coffee experience at home. 

Thankfully, coffee companies like La Bella Vita Coffee offer high-quality and delicious coffee capsules and whole beans that you can incorporate into your coffee stations at home. 

If you're thinking of giving your coffee routine a major upgrade, consider getting a home-serve coffee machine, ditch your instant coffee, and bring some coffee capsules into your life. Here's why you should do it!

Enjoy better flavors

Instant was the go-to for a quick and easy way to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at home. However, because it is instant, the coffee's original flavors are compromised through the production process and brewing method. Thankfully, with home coffee machines, you can enjoy barista-style coffee with rich flavors in the comforts of your home. 

Each coffee capsule you place inside a home-serve coffee machine is packed with high-quality coffee and sealed with perfection to preserve its aroma and flavors. Because of that, you'll experience and enjoy a more decadent taste of coffee compared to instant coffee.

Besides that, it's quite easy to brew, too; just pop the capsule in the machine, press the button, allow it to brew, and done! Now you have cafe-style coffee in an instant. 

A plethora of origins and flavors

One of the best things about coffee capsules is that they come in various flavors, ranging from single-origin coffee to fantastic and unique coffee blends. Because of this, you'll always find new coffees and origins to explore!

If you love trying different types of flavors and want to learn more about the characteristics of various coffee origins, coffee capsules are your best bet for some coffee adventure; this is something you can't get with instant coffee. 

You can customize your coffee's strength

Another great thing about coffee capsules is that you can enjoy your coffee, however you want. If you want a single shot espresso, hit the button once; if you want a double shot or lungo, you can click another button for that. If you want milk with your coffee, you can top off your warm milk with the shot of espresso you just pulled. 

Eco-friendly alternative to enjoy coffee

Many don't like the idea of coffee capsules because they can only be used once, thinking that they may affect the environment. However, you should know that many coffee capsule producers have this in mind and have started to incorporate compostable and eco-friendly capsule material for their pods. 

Besides that, when you use single-use coffee capsules, you get to manage your water waste as well. This is because your machine will only use the desired amount of water you need without wasting extra water when brewing instant coffee.


If you're finding a better tasting and eco-friendly coffee upgrade for your home, it's time to say goodbye to instant coffee and welcome coffee capsules with your arms wide open. With coffee capsules, you'll be able to enjoy delicious and fresh coffee, customize every cup, and even decrease the waste you put out into the environment; it's a win-win situation!

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