Our Guide to Coffee Capsules

Our Guide to Coffee Capsules

Dec 27 , 2020

Sherry Davis

In a world highly dependent on the sweet nectar of the gods known as coffee, capsule coffee has revolutionized the way people take their morning perk-me-up. Several notches up from instant coffee sachets, coffee capsules have offered a delicious and convenient way to drink coffee without cheapening out on flavor. Unlike instant coffee, it’s made of real coffee beans that were ground, roasted, then sealed and packaged right after. Compared to the bag of coffee beans growing stale in your kitchen, coffee capsules are the superior choice. 

In fact, coffee capsules are so renowned that the market for them has exploded. With so many new preservation techniques and flavors, there’s a world that coffee lovers will want to explore. However, as a newbie to the coffee scene, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here’s what you need to know about coffee capsules:

They’re Tiny but Mighty

These small pods of caffeinated goodness are often made of aluminum or plastic that you can recycle, further pushing instant coffee to the brink of extinction. Coffee capsules have a serving of ground coffee that’s already been pre-tamped and portioned, so you’re guaranteed to get equal amounts in every capsule. However, its exact contents highly depend on the bean used, where it came from, its roasting procedure, and the desired flavor intensity. You also don’t have to rip them so you can pour the contents into your mug; all you have to do is pop them into a compatible machine, and it will do the job for you.

They Work in Special Machines

There are plenty of coffee machines available that work with coffee pods. Apart from the fascinating mechanisms, they also look ultra-modern and sleek. For these to work, you’ll need to fill its tank with water, which the machine will heat. It will then add pressure and pump it through the pod’s ground coffee, releasing its flavor. The coffee will trickle down into your mug, but you won’t get any stray coffee grounds thanks to the filter at the capsule’s bottom. You’ll get freshly brewed coffee that packs a punch with its full flavor without any of the mess. 

For you to enjoy the best morning beverage at all times, you must make sure that you load the machine correctly. Use filtered water in the device to prevent sediments and materials from blocking the mechanisms. Always clean it after use to keep it sanitized and free from germs. You’ll also want to warm your machine and cup before using it. 

They’re Full of Benefits

Purists may prefer the traditional method of making coffee, but capsule coffee is undeniably the most convenient and foolproof way to whip up a cup of joe. Just by pressing one button, you’ll get a steaming hot mug in a few minutes that’s rich and full of flavor. It also doesn’t make a mess, allowing you to clean up quickly before you jet off for work.

Even though coffee pods are incredibly easy to work with, they also offer numerous levels of personalization. Say you aren’t a fan of the mainstream Nespresso pods. You can then opt for our wholesale coffee pods grown in lush tropical coffee plantations worldwide. You can also choose the intensity level, which is perfect for when you just want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, or you need a good boost to get your day started.


Coffee capsules are a much welcome development for coffee lovers everywhere. They’re quick and easy ways to enjoy your morning coffee without making a mess or worrying about clean up, and the pods are recyclable, helping you cut down on waste. With so much to love about coffee capsules, you’ll become an enthusiast in no time.

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