Coffee Capsules: How to Store Them and How Long They'll Last

Coffee Capsules: How to Store Them and How Long They'll Last

Jan 04 , 2021

Sherry Davis

Your coffee's flavors heavily depend on its freshness. When we talk about freshness, we mean the time elapsed since grinding the beans and the time since they were roasted. And if you're dealing with coffee capsules, determining freshness and flavors can be quite complicated. 

When you open up a coffee pod, you'll find a few grams of ground coffee. The ground coffee is tightly sealed in a pod to help retain its freshness because once you grind the coffee, it deteriorates much faster than a whole bean coffee. With that, the chances of your coffee becoming stale much quicker are high.

For ground coffee in a bag, you must consume it within a week or two. But how about coffee capsules? If you use a Nespresso or Dolce Gusto machine at home, this is probably one of your concerns, but don't fret. In this article, we'll share with you information on proper coffee capsule storage and their shelf life. Let's begin!

Coffee capsule storage

For your coffee capsules to remain fresh, storage plays an important factor. Ideally, you want to store your coffee pods in airtight containers away from moisture, heat, and air. When your coffee is exposed to these elements, the quality of your coffee is affected and its flavors and lifespan are altered.

Another thing that you should avoid is placing your coffee capsules in the fridge. Although it is commonly practiced to store coffee beans in the fridge, you're risking exposing your coffee to moisture, which eliminates your coffee's flavors and stales it quickly. Thus, even if they are in separate coffee pods, avoid placing them in the freezer. 

Fortunately, coffee capsule manufacturers have considered how quickly the coffees lose their quality and flavor much faster because they are ground coffee. These manufacturers have created innovative ways to retain the coffee's freshness, even for a long period. 

How long do coffee capsules last?

In general, coffee doesn't expire, but instead, it loses its freshness and becomes stale. Coffee pods are meant to be consumed right after purchase because they are ground coffee and are in contact with the pod's materials, affecting its longevity. 

For coffee pods, make sure you take note of the best before date to continue to enjoy the coffee at its maximum freshness and quality. After passing the best before date, you can still consume the coffee, but the quality and flavor may start to disappear.

Again, as mentioned earlier, storage plays a huge part in retaining your coffee's flavors and freshness. So if you want to last longer, make sure that you keep them in an airtight container and away from the elements that can quicken the deterioration process. 


Coffee capsules and machines are an incredibly affordable and convenient way to enjoy delicious coffee at home. So once you find the best coffee pods to drink and you want them to last for a while, mind your capsule storage and consume them before you reach the best before date. With that, you'll always have a fantastic coffee experience every time!

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