5 Innovative Coffee Pod Storage Ideas - Our Guide

5 Innovative Coffee Pod Storage Ideas - Our Guide

Dec 07 , 2020

Sherry Davis

Every hardworking individual could do with a capsule of morning coffee—but as a pod collector, where do you begin? Espresso pods come in an insurmountable variety of flavors and strengths. If you’re merely stacking them in a dedicated space on your cupboard, sorting through the mess becomes impossible. If you’re a fan of the occasional DIY project, here are five creative methods of storing your coffee capsules. 

  • Use a Pull-Out Drawer Under Your Machine
  • This storage solution shouldn’t take too much brain power. Purchase a durable pull-out drawer from your local craft store to support your coffee pod machine. Alternatively, you can fish for an unused drawer in your home or utilize a box made with sturdy cardboard. Ideally, you’ll want to use a transparent container to spot the pod of your choice quickly. 

    Use separators to clump flavors or strengths together. If you like to mix and match your coffee, organize pods according to those you reach for most. 

  • Reuse Cookie and Cake Tins
  • Stackable storage calls for a little bit of handiwork. Craft this storage solution using a cookie or cake tins, a threaded metal rod, a base, a drill, two nuts, and a washer for each container. 

    First, drill holes into the centers of the tins and bases to fit the threaded metal rod. Then, place the rod in between each material, securing it with a nut and washer. Thread on another nut a few inches from the base, topping it off with the largest tin. Secure this with another washer. Repeat these steps for every container, ensuring that you leave ample allowance in between. 

  • Decorate Glass Jars
  • The mason jar craze is hardly over. Purchase glass containers online or at your local craft store, ensuring that they are big enough to store your coffee pods. Categorize each jar by flavor or strength—whatever suits your fancy. 

    Label each mason jar with a dark permanent marker or sticker paper. Add colored ribbons for a playful touch. If you’re keen on other materials, you can substitute glass jars for flower pots or buckets. 

  • Incorporate an Over-the-Door Organizer
  • Why limit over-the-door organizers to bathrooms when they do just as well in your kitchen or pantry? These racks come in hundreds of different designs—you’re bound to find one that will best suit your kitchen aesthetic. 

  • Try Out Special Storage Solutions
  • If you don’t mind spending a buck or two, you can purchase a pod-specific storage solution online. These typically take the form of metal stands that complement any kitchen countertop—though you may want to watch out for pricier products. 


    Having an extensive collection of espresso pods is impressive and a headache—if you aren’t storing them efficiently. Nothing puts the cherry on top of a refreshing first-morning coffee like being able to reach for your go-to pod without having to sift through a jungle of flavors. 

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