La Bella Vita Coffee - 3 Tasty Reasons to Choose Coffee Capsules for Your Morning Routine

La Bella Vita Coffee - 3 Tasty Reasons to Choose Coffee Capsules for Your Morning Routine

Dec 01 , 2020

Sherry Davis

There’s no doubt that coffee is an obsession of many worldwide, with most adults needing a fresh brew to kickstart their energy for the long day ahead. Different people gravitate towards unique blends, but everyone shares a love for good coffee. Unfortunately, most settle for an average cup of joe due to a lack of time, skills, or machinery. 

That’s where coffee capsules come into play, a novelty that took the market by storm as it offers a commodity-grade brew all within a few clicks. The rise of specialty coffee that came with it made it a fan-favorite, but its simplicity and unprecedented convenience is the reason it’s a common sight in homes, offices, and even restaurants across the globe. 

The Golden Liquid in Capsules and Pods 

  1. Espresso Capsules are Efficient to Use and Produces Consistent Results 

Lazy coffee-lovers and busy-goers who don’t have time to set up all the magic in the morning can easily produce a golden liquid that can rival your favorite hole-in-the-wall cafe in town. 

Using one of the world’s coveted coffee beans from La Bella Vita, for instance, make this form of “instant” coffee a time-saver in restaurants as it takes less effort to create a consistently flavorful drink. 

There’s no doubt that it’s a winner for households, too, as it allows average homeowners to produce a beautiful brew without the need to invest in an espresso machine. However, if you do have a tool for frothing the milk, a world of gourmet blends is at your fingertips - from latte, macchiato, americano, mocha, and more. 

  1. The Air-Sealed Packaging Keeps Espresso Pods Fresh 

The beans' freshness is the most significant factor that can make or mar the coffee’s taste, which makes espresso pods appealing. While nothing beats the taste of freshly-ground beans, there’s only a limited window before it starts to go stale. 

Storing the beans in airtight containers can slow down the process, but compared to the technology used to seal coffee capsules, the latter is better. Not to mention, you don’t need to open the whole container and risk exposing the beans to oxygen since capsules and pods come with single-cup portions. This means that every cup you brew will taste fresh and pack a toothsome punch!

  1. Espresso Capsules and Pods are Eco-Friendly Choices

Now that the world is becoming increasingly eco-conscious, people want to play their part in the greener trend. Opting for espresso capsules helps the environment as leading brands like La Bella Vita offer 100 percent compostable capsules, making it easy to brew a delicious cup of coffee without the bitterness of guilt. 

The Bottom Line: Drink Quality Coffee Every Day with Coffee Capsules 

Quality coffee and specialty blends were once limited to cafes and connoisseurs, but capsules make it possible for everyone to enjoy at home in under a minute. Nothing indeed tastes richer than a coffee made by a barista, but the convenience and tastiness of capsules make it a go-to alternative. 

What Makes our Coffee Special?

Our espresso capsules are made with the finest quality of coffee beans carefully tailored to tickle your taste buds. Our special house blends take inspiration from Italy's verdant landscapes, where our master coffee roasters at La Bella Vita can serve more than your average brew.

Our 100 percent recyclable coffee capsules also fit Nespresso machine pods, so get in touch with us for your morning fix. We also offer wholesale coffee pods, all of which are Nespresso compatible capsules and pods.